Alexi Delano 

Alexi is a cat that has been around the world. He is part of the Swedish group of premier Techno Players including, Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, and Jesper Dahlbäck. He has South American roots and lived for a longtime in New York City, suffice to say he knows everyone and everyone knows him.

Linus & Amy asked Alexi to remix their second single, 'Follow Me Down' just after it was released in 2013 but the other remixes commissioned never came through. So, his remix has never been released.... until now!

"A couple of years ago, Linus reached out to me with “The Black Below” album and asked me to remix one of the tracks. After only a few moments of listening to Amy’s voice and the composition of the song “Follow Me Down”, I instantly jumped on the idea. I wanted to keep the sensitive and emotional vibe that the song had, while taking it to a dance floor setting. I went back to my Deep House roots, infusing ideas from my ADNY persona".

- Alexi

Alexi's Remix has a super laidback groove that is infused with some deep acid house vibes. A definite late night mover and shaker. 

'The Black Below - The Remix Album' will be released by 'Default Position' on November 28th, 2016.

Stream Preview Here: