Growing up in the post acid house era of early 90's London, Chapman's first exposure to the world of underground electronic music and early rave culture was through the sound of pirate radio which crackled over London's airwaves; and the early rave mix tapes which passed between friends. Captivated by the eclectic creative indulgence of early break beat hardcore and the chopped breaks, sirens and analogue bass lines of jungle and drum and bass, Chapman quickly developed a love for the classic underground rave sound, and devoted his time and money to digging out the records which shaped the scene at the time.
As the musical landscape of London town changed and hardcore & D'n'B gave way to garage grooves, Chapman tastes changed with it, and before long he was hooked on the swung percussion and chunky drums of the New Jersey influenced UK garage sound. A devoted vinyl collector and music enthusiast in general, it was only going to be a matter of time before Chapman took his love for the underground into the studio to turn his hand to his own productions.

Maintaining a raw underground vibe with a focus on rhythm and atmosphere, Chapman strives to stay true to his old skool rave and garage roots; whilst keeping things fresh and in tune with the sound of the post 90's underground.