Charlie Thorstenson

Charlie Thorstenson is a creative soul from Malmö, Sweden. His interest for electronic music developed early in life, with synthesisers and drum machines capturing his attention and fascination. With a dream of owning those strange looking boxes of sound, he bought the best he could afford starting with a little midi keyboard and basic music software. Years of self learning and experimenting resulted in his first ”real” alias, Charlie don’t Surf. 

In 2014 Charlie applied to the DJ competition Burn Residency and as one of the winners, he started to gain rapid momentum. One year later he was invited to play a live set on the opening of Richie Hawtin’s ENTER. at Space Ibiza. After six EPs and a full album under his alias ‘Charlie don’t Surf’, he began to drift towards the hypnotic patterns of techno. Feeling more aligned with his authentic self, he then decided to work exclusively under his real name, Charlie Thorstenson.

The fascination of finding rhythms in effect tails and discovering the beautiful textures between the notes is a driving force behind Charlie's sound. ”All sounds needs to breath. They need to move. I imagine the soundscapes I create as a part of the nature. No sound around us is static, its constantly changing ever so slightly. The sound of leaves and trees, or a car passing by in the distance, are all affected by other elements around, like the wind or the damping properties of snow. I find it interesting that people around me say that an 8 minute song is ’boring’ and that ’nothing happens’ but they could sit listen to nature for hours and hours without complaining about the same things. It must be the fact sounds in nature aren’t 100% static. I try to capture those details in my soundscapes to make my tracks feel alive, and breath. It's more a lifestyle rather than a set goal really.  Always keep evolving. Whether it being synthetic sounds or your own personal development.”

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