Why Being The Best Isn't Good Enough

Have you ever wondered why some people “make it” and others don’t? There is so much incredible talent out there, yet the vast majority of it slips underneath the radar. As we speak, geniuses are at work, creating ground breaking works of art in their garages, bedroom studios and garden sheds, yet you and I for the most part, will never see or hear of it.

Perhaps you may be familiar with the name Graham Alexander Bell, the inventor of the telephone? Are you also familiar with a man called Antonio Meucci? In case you aren’t, Meucci is in fact the real inventor of the telephone. So how have we all come to celebrate the wrong man for all these years? The answer is simple, the judgment of society is clouded by money and social status. Graham Alexander Bell was immortalised by the media for the invention of the telephone because he was an astute and articulate business man with influential and wealthy friends. Meucci on the other hand was an Italian of low financial status, and poor command of the English language. Unable to afford a definitive patent for his “talking telegraph” he filed a one-year renewable notice of an impending patent. Three years later he couldn’t even afford the $10 to renew it. He sent a model and technical details to the Western Union telegraph company but failed to win a meeting with executives. When he asked for his materials to be returned, in 1874, he was told they had been lost! Two years later Bell, who shared a laboratory with Meucci, filed a patent for a telephone, became a celebrity and made a lucrative deal with Western Union.

The story of Bell and Meucci is a pattern which repeats through history constantly. We hear similar stories around the rise of tech giants like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, in any kind of industry, there are always those who do the work and those who take the credit.

Have you ever wondered why such seemingly cheesy and trashy media makes it to the main stream? Have you ever wondered why commercial radio stations pump out the same irritating excruciating songs over and over again? Its the same phenomena. Astute and articulate business men with influential and wealthy friends calling all the shots.

Who knows what other true artists and true geniuses are being pushed aside today, because they don’t have the social influence to be heard.

The late Nelson Mandela was commended for his ability to always give each person his undivided attention. He was said to never look over a person’s shoulder for someone more important to talk to. He treated everybody as equals. Imagine the progress humanity would make if we could all work this way?