Mike Byant

Introducing Mike Bryant aka 'A New Low'.

Mike has been a mainstay of the N.Y.C. dance music scene from back in the early 1990's. He ran one of the first Tech-House Labels, "Intrinsic Design' and is well known as a DJ's, DJ.

"I’ve been privy to the progress of Linus and Amy’s album ‘The Black Below’ as it was first being developed. Their original spark of an idea has developed into an engrossing, genre bending endeavor. Any one of the tracks would have been a joy to remix, but I was drawn to ‘Back Again’ for it’s hypnotic melodies and sub heavy, bleepy baseline. Elements that I could lift, loop, and fit into the mold of what I’m doing under my moniker ‘A New Low’, which I've honed in the depths of after-hours clubs of Berlin and NYC. Think stripped down, weirdly melodic, bass heavy grooves. My inspiration for this particular mix was the Global Communications track ‘The Way, The Deep’ - a record that never leaves my box and pretty much epitomizes my sound."

Mike's Remix of 'Back Again' has already got the attention of a lot of well respected DJ's. We can't wait for you to hear the nagging groove that will tweak your body and soul.

Out on Default Position on November 28th, 2016.

Stream Preview Here: