Sebastian Mullaert (aka Minilogue)

We approached Sebastian in 2013, during the early stages of forming our record label. Initially we just wanted to send him some promos, but the conversations quickly moved into the direction of a remix project. As luck would have it, we caught this prolific artist from Sweden, at the right time in his life and he had some space to work with us. This was a very unexpected turn of events and in many ways the work we embarked on with Sebastian helped form the foundations of this record label. 

The outcome of our project was a beautiful EP called Vedanta, which was more successful than we expected, receiving support from some of the industry's most influential names and organisations, including Sven Vath at Coccon, Joris Vorn and Fabric.

Sebastian is well known as one half of the duos Minilogue and Son Kite, though he has also produced under the names IMPS, WaWuWe and Ooze amongst numerous others. Though Minilogue is taking an indefinite break, Sebastian's Mullaert's solo career has developed rapidly. 

Sebastian's work within the electronic music industry is unparalleled. He is to our minds one of the best in the business and an inspiration to us and thousands of his followers all over the world. We hope to see him back on Default Position soon!