Santiago Perez – Take Your Turn [DEFP008]

Life can often seem like a game of poker. We have to take chances, we don’t always know how the cards may fall, but we have to decide what moves we are going to make and hope they prove to be the right ones. Obstacles, dilemmas and gambles exist in every facet of life, in business, in love and in creativity.

The playing card depicted on this record sleeve represents the many twists and turns we encounter in life and the chances we must sometimes take. There comes a time where we must play the hand we have been dealt as effectively as we can. Even the most difficult cards can bring positive results if we play them in the right way.

Default Position’s eighth offering is ‘Take Your Turn’ by Santiago Perez. The title track takes its roots in Santiago's desire to prosper in life, through making the right moves and taking the right turns, amidst the noise and uncertainties, which are represented by the background chatter flowing throughout. This is a soulful array of percussions and enchanting melodies which bring a bright and positive vibe to the party. 

Second on the EP is 'Choices' - a tougher darker cut born from a moment where everything came together perfectly, whilst inspiration and ideas came effortlessly. After creating a concept however it took numerous months and what seemed to be never ending versions to achieve the final composition. 

It was worth the effort. The level of production on this EP is first class and we’re very proud to release it. 

Santiago Perez - 'Take Your Turn' is out on Default Position on August 15th 2016, in all digital formats.