Thomas M Evans

Thomas M Evans is not an artist that is easily pigeon holed, turning his hand to many forms of electronic music, from thundering arena techno and abstract soundscapes, to cool funky disco re-edits. Thomas is a true creative always with an unpredictable trick up his sleeve.
Tom's early experiments began to take shape while he was studying for his music technology bachelors degree. His work back then, heavily techno based, drew on influences such as The Drum Code, Mark Henning and the like.
Thomas is also a gifted visual artist, and has worked on logo designs for trendy fashion labels like Fresh Ego Kid, and numerous creative photography projects.
More recently Tom is working on some disco re-edits and mash ups as part of the new duo Benny & Gain, who are starting to generate a lot of interest.
Tom is also a master of abstract and experimental work, responsible for some truly stunning sonic soundscapes, expect more of this in the near future.