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12” Vinyl / Digital DL

Sebastian Mullaert/Joseph S. Joyce – Vedanta [DEFP004]

Vedanta was released on Default Position as a limited edition 300 copy vinyl and digital download, on November 17th 2014, together with a video filmed in Arizona, New York and England. It is the label’s third release.

The record gets its name from an ancient philosophy based on the Vedas, the sacred scriptures of India. The music, originally composed and produced by Joseph S Joyce and later remixed by Sebastian Mullaert of Minilogue, was greatly inspired, after reading commentaries from Swami Rama Tirtha’s biography “The Scientist & Mahatma” - Chapter 1 - Vedanta and The Secret of Success. In the book Swami states that “Vedanta requires you to work for its own sake. In order that your work should be successful, you should not mind the end or care for the consequences or the result. Let the means and the end be brought together, let the very work be your end”. If we take on board this teaching and approach our work in this way, we can experience a profound freedom. There is no rush to complete what we are doing, there is no reward to be sought after we are done. We do not have to worry so much about the judgements or opinions of others, they are no longer of such strong consequence. We can be free to explore our own unique creativity with complete authenticity. The very process of the work becomes our reward not the result.

Throughout the composition and artwork on this EP we have aimed to capture and express the spirit of Vedanta. Deep dubby echoes and rolling 303 basses create a meditative and hypnotic feeling which provokes reflection and thought as well as movement and dance.

So far the EP has been very well recived by A list DJs with confirmed regular support from Sven Väth, Terry Francis, André Galluzzi, Eric Cloutier, DJ Koze & Yoris Vorn.

The A side remix by Sebastian Mullaert was also licensed to to Sven Väth’s imprint, Cocoon Recordings for inclusion on his annual mix compilation “The Sound of the 15th Season” released on November 21st 2014.

In August 2015 Sebastian's remix of Vedanta was licensed to Fabric 83 mixed by Joris Voorn. Order your copy here.

All other mixes are available digitally with the inclusion of Sebastian Mullaert’s “Echoes In The Mist” digital only remix.